Friday, August 27, 2010

Malaysia Top Business Schools

As a director of ARI, I felt deeply honourned for the invitation extended by the Higher Insstitutions Division of the Ministry of Higher Edication (MOHE) to be part of the bigger team to evaluate the Malaysian Top Business Schools. Currently, two business schools from two local public universities have been accorded the prestigious stature. In essence, top business schools are expected to spearhead development of post graduate programs by focusing on international students, international faculty members, income-generation initiatives, cited publications and to conduct fundamental research projects that bring in high impact to the nation. Since the first recognition was given in 2007, this evaluation is made after their three years in operation.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Signing of Research Agreements

Today we organise a small ceremony to witness the signing of research agreement between ARI and the Accountants General Department for two research projects: The traits and skills of forensic accountants for AGD and Financial Reporting of Malaysian Local Authority.
As a director of ARI, I have to sign on behalf of the researchers. Prof Ibrahim Kamal, the Dean of the Faculty of Accountancy stood as a witness. The first expected deliverable will be produced by the end of October,2010. All researchers for the two projects attended the "ceremony"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking Fast With the Vice Chancellor

As a director of ARI, I was invited by the university's top management to a "Breaking Fast with the Vice Chancellor" at Hotel UiTM. The host of this event was from the Student Affairs department. Deans of faculties, directors of state campuses, directors of centres of excellence and deputy deans (student affairs) have been invited to the event. As UiTM is also the host to a meeting of Deputy Vice Chancellors of public universities to be held tomorrow, deputy vice chancellors were our special guests for the event.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Congratulations Dr Kalsom

ARI wishes to congratulate Dr Kalsom Salleh, Prof Dr Syed Noh Syed Ahmad and Mr Syed Omar Sharifuddin Syed Ikhsan for winning the Best Paper Award at the recent Knowledge Management International Conference. Their paper titled "Learning Factors of Public Sector Accountants and Sharing Process of Tacit Knowledge" won the award under the Knowledge Creation & Knowledge Sharing category. Congratulations...

Breaking Fast with Bank Rakyat

I wish to thank the Bank Rakyat (Selangor Division) for inviting me to their Breaking Fast dinner at the Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It is an annual event aimed to show their appreciation to their stakeholders. Bank Rakyat is a two-time winner of the National Award for Management Accounting (NAfMA)competition in Malaysia of which UiTM/ARI through our CIMA-UiTM Asian Management Accounting Research Centre is a joint partner. At the event, Bank Rakyat gave away some donations to some orphans from Klang. Thank you...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CPA Strategic Planning Meeting

As a Divisional Council member, I was invited to participate in the CPA (Australia) strategic planning meeting held at the Gardens Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. To facilitate the full-day meeting, the Malaysian Council Division has invited a renowned business action coach, Mr Peter Lam. All in all it was indeed a successful meeting. Having someone knowledgeable in this area to facilitate us to go through the strategic planning discussion was indeed helpful to us all, particularly for the need to "look at things from outside the box"...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Birthday Surprise.....

Thanks to all ARI staff for throwing a suprise birthday "party" to both Prof Rashidah & I today. We really appreciate everything: the flowers, the cake and the prayers. Insyaallah we will both work our level best to elevate ARI to greater heights. To all ARI members, thanks for all your supports

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan1431

Tentatively the 1st day of Ramadhan 1431 is scheduled this Wednesday, 11th August 2010. I wish all ARI members a peaceful month. I personally would get a lot more things done during the fasting month. Well, there's more time to finish the "literature review" or to complete the "concept papers" or "journal papers" due to the extra morning hours after the sahur breakfast. Perhaps I can expect a lot of papers done after the holy month of Ramadhan.....

A Great Reunion

Every four years, our group: The Diploma in Accountancy Class 1974-1977 will meet. It is always a very happy occasion for all of us, to meet friends. It is a great way to network. . This year (today) we met at Hotel UiTM. In fact a lot of ARI's successful research collaboration have gone through this network of friends who are now holding important positions in the industry. Mohd Hashim is with Petronas; Basil is with Esso; Noraini is with Johnson & Johnson; Paisol is with PNB; Mutalib is an accounting practitioner; Din & Rahman, Rashid, Nik Aziz, Halijah, Zainab, Faridah,Dollah, Ibrahim, Kejol and many others are successful businessmen & businesswomen; Nafisah, Akmal, Norain, Sanip, Mun, Shidah are top officers in the government. We had great time as students in the 1970's and continue to build our friendships till today. uiTM has indeed changed our lives. Thanks friends, till we meet again in 2014....