Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bundle of Joy

I wish to congratulate two of ARI members - Associate Professor Dr Norzaidi Daud and his wife Dr Intan Salwani (both are ARI fellows)with the recent "arrival" of their beautiful son Mohamad Darwish. ARI members share their happiness and wish them well and our continuous prayer that your family is blessed with love and happiness. Perhaps baby Darwish's first word will be "ISI". Dr Norzaidi and Dr Intan have been among ARI's most active researchers and they have been publishing a lot of papers in ISI & SCOPUS Journals. Congratulations...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So You Want to Do Your PhD?

Congratulations all aspiring PhD scholars who attended my talk today on Writing PhD Research Proposal. Some seventy participants who attended the social-science group have been awarded the scholarship by their sponsors.
Participants came from diversed backgrounds ranging from music, arts and design, business management, accountancy and law. I was asked by the Institute of Leadership, Quality and Management (ILQaM) to share the "do's and do'nts" of a PhD proposal. Good luck everyone . PhD is like a marathon, it is not about who finishes the race first, rather it is about whether you finish the race at all?...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Practioners are From Mars and Academics are from Venus?

I read with much interest an article that appeared in a recent issue of e-magezine On Target of The Institute of Certified Management Accountants. Titled "Practitioners are from Mars and Academics are from Venus?", the article by Dr Basil Tucker from the University of South Australia discusses why, as far as research findings are concerned, there remains a wide "Research-Practice Gap". Whilst academic research may have great contribution to the real world, researchers failed to transmit their research findings effectively to the practitioners. Amongst the reasons stipulated by the article include, where academics are being: "...elitist and pretentious use of their own jargon; discussing convoluted theory; using complex statistical techniques; being excessively concerned to demonstrate familiarity with the literature and including numerous bracketed references in the text". Some food for thought... are academics and practitioners speak different languages?